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Websites. Mobile apps. We're experts in front-end javascript development, rapidly building small to medium sized projects using modern tools like Angular, React, Firebase, and Ionic.

If you are building a new app or need front-end expertise on a project, we can help.

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Who We've Worked With

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Work Samples


Stratumn is a cloud service for enabling applications built on the Blockchain. We worked with their back-end & design teams to develop a client-facing admin dashboard.

Built with React/Redux, Sass, Gulp, ES6/Webpack/Babel, and JWT authentication

First Call

First Call is a mobile subscription app for getting free drinks and discovering new bars in your city. We partnered with the founders to guide their tech strategy and develop an iOS app for users to discover and redeem drinks at over 50 partner venues in New York.

Built with Angular, Ionic, Cordova, Bootstrap, SASS, Gulp, Parse, Contentful, Stripe, Twilio, Mixpanel, and Branch.


BentoBox puts restaurants online with beautiful, mobile-first websites they can update themselves. We partnered with their tech team to build out new sites and create a customizable site generator for non-developers to rapidly develop new sites.

Built with Jinja2, SASS, Javascript, and Grunt

Pointing Out Way

Pointing Out Way wanted a new website for bringing together teachers and students in their unique approach to meditation and spiritual development. We built them a subscription-based web app with an audio/video media library, retreat signup tool, weekly livestreaming, and more, all powered by a custom CMS.

Built with Angular, Bootstrap, SASS, Gulp, Firebase, Paypal, uStream, Vimeo, Zapier, and NodeJs.


Wepa is a responsive streaming music player built for the largest radio station in Colombia. We created a single-page-app to keep the music playing between pages and a custom CMS for real-time content updates.

Built with Angular, Bootstrap, AWS, Grunt, and Ruby on Rails.

“It was a pleasure working with you guys. Definitely one of the best experiences we've had when dealing with contractors in a long time.”

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